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External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee (EAC) is charged with attending annual HDRFS meetings and providing feedback regarding project performance and opportunities.

EAC Members

Title and Affiliation

Mr. Vincent Ambrosia

Associate Program Manager, NASA Applied Sciences

Wildfire UAS Applications Development

Dr. Dana Brunson

Executive Director for Research Engagement, Internet2

CyberInfrastructure, HPC, Professional Development

Dr. Mary Jo Daniel

Associate Vice President for Research (retired), University of New Mexico

Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Program Management

Dr. Donald Falk

Professor, University of Arizona, Natural Resources

Wildfire, Ecology

Dr. Rod Linn

Team Lead, Atmospheric Modeling & Weapons Phenomenology, Los
Alamos National Lab

Modeling of Fire & Atmospheric Processes

Dr. Shawn Urbanski

Research Scientist, US Forest Service