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Education & Workforce Development

Education and Workforce Development

The HDRFS Education and Workforce Development (E-WFD) component is actively building pathways from Nevada’s science and technology research areas into STEM careers, including science teaching, data analytics, wildland fire science, robotics, computer science and cyberinfrastructure innovations, and other important occupations. This work spans middle and high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

The “Pathways” model employed by our E-WFD team engages students in knowledge-building experiences followed by complementary work-based learning experiences. In knowledge-building experiences, students build content knowledge and skills related to HDRFS research and future careers. In work-based learning experiences, they apply their newly-minted skills while being immersed in a careerlike setting. Mentorship is the core foundation of each pathway, engaging both experienced scientists and near-peer individuals in fostering talent and broadening participation of underrepresented people in STEM for the next generation.

The E-WFD team works statewide to serve students at multiple levels. Discover the work of each Pathway and how we are advancing STEM in Nevada:

Pathway 1

Build Nevada STEM educators by forming a pathway into the classroom for future teachers and supporting existing teachers.

Pathway 2

Build new capacity for an NSHE-wide Data Analytics training and internships.

Pathway 3

Build new capacity for stronger and more systemic mentoring frameworks to improve diverse recruitment and retention of students and faculty across the STEM pipeline.

E-WFD Team

Michele Casella

Education and Workforce Development Co-Lead

Nevada System of Higher Education

Meghan Collins

Education and Workforce Development Co-Lead

Desert Research Institute

Brooklyn Stepro

Program Coordinator

Nevada System of Higher Education