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Nevada’s data analytics workforce

P2 will create a new NSHE-wide training pipeline for certification and research immersion in data analytics.

Analysis of Nevada’s workforce needs shows a significant gap in trained professionals with data analytics skills. These skills are also central to HDRFS research related to computer vision, sensor fusion, machine learning, and other workflows.

For the next generation of STEM professionals, our vision is that students from any STEM major can learn and apply the tools of data analytics to their career path. We worked closely with NCLab to customize data analytics training for multidisciplinary applications and empower students to learn and apply these tools to their major of choice and HDRFS research.

To build a statewide training pipeline, we work closely with partners at state and community colleges throughout Nevada to recruit students with interests in learning data analytics. The Pathway will enable students in these primarily undergraduate institutions to participate in training and then connect to mentors at one of Nevada’s research institutions (UNR, UNLV, DRI) for an internship opportunity, creating a cross-institutional skill-building pipeline.

Data Analytics Pathway provides opportunities in two areas: Data Analytics Training and Research Internship opportunities.

Knowledge-Building Phase


Tuition coverage is provided each year for a cohort of students to participate in the NCLab Data Analytics training program through TMCC. The 200-hour training provides applied math and the option of specializing in Python or SQL. The program is self-paced, includes individualized coaching and support, and can be conducted concurrently with students’ other coursework commitments. Additional program details can be found here. This online program can be completed from anywhere in NV, which makes it accessible to students in rural communities.

Work-Based Learning Phase


Data analytics skills contribute to advancing science knowledge in a range of areas, including numerous HDRFS research questions. HDRFS scientists and faculty studying related fields will design internship opportunities that use the tools provided by the Data Analytics Training and engage students in successfully participating as research interns.

Students who are enrolled in the Data Analytics training will have the opportunity to apply for paid Research Internships that engage the new skills they acquire in the training.

Overall, the Data Analytics Pathway creates a training pipeline that will broaden the options for participants across Nevada, with an emphasis on state and community college students, for the next stage of their data analytics careers.

E-WFD Team

Michele Casella

Education and Workforce Development Co-Lead

Nevada System of Higher Education

Meghan Collins

Education and Workforce Development Co-Lead

Desert Research Institute